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About Jennifer

Jennifer Daniarov is a Professional makeup artist born and raised in Queens NY. Jennifer has been Passionate about make up since the age of 10 and knew this was her life calling. Her makeup career commenced at fifteen years of age and has been in the makeup industry for nine years now. Jennifer exhibits prowess in Beauty and fashion makeup. She attended the Makeup Forever Academy and majored in TV/Film, beauty/fashion, and stage/artistic studies. Jennifer’s artistry has been exhibited in Harpers Bazaar India, a dominant fashion and beauty magazine in New York City. Again, some of her work featured on Imirage Magazine, an international fashion and culture magazine. Furthermore, Scorpio Jin magazine, a fashion and beauty magazine, published elements of her work. She has also been featured in Lucy’s magazine an international editorial magazine. Jennifer recently worked with Forbes as well. Apart from magazine publications, Jennifer has worked on several celebrities, including Tyler Dumont, a contemporary R&B songwriter, and singer. Jennifer did Tyler’s makeup on her two single music videos.

Jennifer's passion for makeup artistry stems from her satisfaction with the appreciation for her work on a client’s face. Although Jennifer believes that every woman is pretty without makeup, she admits that makeup brings a powerful transformation that adds to a woman’s confidence. She believes that talent pays, but hard work and commitment must accompany it. Without this, there cannot be much progress in life. Therefore, makeup artistry brings Jennifer fulfillment and satisfaction that gives meaning to her existence. Jennifer dreams of establishing her own makeup line over time and getting published in more beauty and fashion magazines. You can get in touch with Jennifer Daniarov on various social media platforms.


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